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Highlights of the week

Top view of the work card, in the standard blue and white colors
Undue use of discretion in judicial activity intensifies the clash between the Federal Supreme Court (STF) and the Labor Courts and affects the legal certainty of decisions.
Top view of the cable-stayed bridge in São Paulo
Sefaz/SP changes regulation of special regimes in relation to deadlines and exemption from analysis of tax regularity of the taxpayer.
Image showing an hourglass in front of a clock
The exception provided for in the CLT that justifies the rebuttal of off-site working hours generates controversy, but the STF's theory may help to define the dispute.
Stacks of coins of different sizes on a table. In the background, a person using a calculator
The Supreme Court has changed its position on the possibility of unions charging all those they represent compulsory union dues provided for in a collective bargaining agreement.
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