Created to review, compile and consolidate infralegal labor standards, the program aims to better align these standards with government public policies.
Decree 10.854/21, published this month, establishes the Permanent Program for Consolidation, Simplification and Debureaucratization of Illegal Labor Standards and reviews regulations involving various themes of labor legislation.
Inclusion of some topics in the Assignment Manual prepared by the agency itself would be the simplest way to make the regulation more accurate.
Camila Galvão, Ana Carolina Lourenço, Júlio Nunes, Maria Inácia Carvalho, Marcius Filipe Modesto, Sara Patriarcha, Thiago Percides and Victor Santa Cruz. The law practice has as its most relevant goal to secure...
Program created a few days before the start of COP-26 demonstrates the country's evolution in the effort to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and meet the 2030 Agenda.
Among the main issues to be discussed by global leaders is the regulation of the carbon market.
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