CVM analyzes a case about criteria for allocation of earnings
Authority approves proposal for a consent order in process in which an investor questioned the amount recorded by the company in the capital stock and profit reserves accounts.
Guidelines on the CVM oversight fee
Circular-Letter 2/2022/CVM/SIN/SSE brings clarifications directed to investment fund managers.
New CVM resolutions and the governance of publicly-held companies
Standards require independent directors in publicly-held companies and determines other measures on voting rights, segregation of directors' functions and publication of financial statements.
CVM changes its understanding on conflicts of interests
Majority of the board concludes that the materialist theory should be adopted.
The new structure of the CVM reference form and the focus on esg
Document has undergone changes and brings as main novelty obligations to disseminate information on ESG and climate.
CVM releases study on the ESG agenda and the capital market
Document analyzes current initiatives, as well as challenges and opportunities for the agency.
Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM) acquits Directors accused of alleged breach of diligence duty
The board of the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM), unanimously, acquitted the defendants in the context of a sanctioning administrative proceeding initiated to determine the responsibility of members of the board of directors for breach of the diligence duty , provided for in article 153 of Law 6,404/76 (Corporation Law).
MP 1,103/22 establishes new rules regarding securitization of receivables and a fiduciary arrangement
The new legislation represents a major development for the securitization industry in Brazil, as it allows for greater standardization in the structuring of transactions with different types of securities, reducing costs and providing greater legal certainty for investors.
CVM Resolution 88 and developments in investment crowdfunding
The rule enters into force on July 1 with innovations for small scale business companies in the public offering of securities with exemption from registration and carried out through an electronic crowd investment platform.
CVM starts to require the disclosure of information on corporate demands in a new resolution
A new rule will come into force on May 2. Its application will be mandatory for corporate claims filed from that date and optional for those initiated before the standard.
CVM's Annual Circular Letter provides guidance to publicly-traded companies on relevant aspects of legislation and regulations
The document consolidates the Company Relations Bureau guidelines to be observed by publicly-traded, foreign, and incentivized companies to fulfill their regulatory obligations.
New rules for publications ordered by the Brazilian Corporate Law
Changes establish a more straightforward, flexible, and less costly procedure for companies. However, there is doubt whether organizations can choose to publish their entire financial statements in the printed newspaper and if this would exempt them from releasing the same publication on the newspaper's website.