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One-off adjustments to the sector's regulatory framework address FII, FIP, ETF, among other categories of funds.
CVM issues new regulation for BDRs
Changes expand possibilities and access for foreign issuers.
CVM guides publicly-held, foreign and incentivized companies
Autarchy discloses Annual Circular Letter 2023 to clarify procedures to be adopted in the routine obligations of companies.
Changes made by the new CVM Resolution 180
Regulation amends the contents of CVM Resolution 80 and CVM Resolution 160 to facilitate procedures related to offers
Agility for public offerings distribution of securities
New CVM resolution accelerates transactions carried out via automatic registration procedure and aimed exclusively at professional investors.
E-book: New regulatory framework for public offerings of securities
Check out the innovations brought by CVM Resolution 160, which comes into force on January 2, 2023
CVM discloses methodology for definition of large trading lots
Model adopted in CVM Resolution 135 was inspired by the European regulation for the definition of large in scale orders (LIS).
CVM analyzes a case about criteria for allocation of earnings
Authority approves proposal for a consent order in process in which an investor questioned the amount recorded by the company in the capital stock and profit reserves accounts.
Guidelines on the CVM oversight fee
Circular-Letter 2/2022/CVM/SIN/SSE brings clarifications directed to investment fund managers.
CVM Guidelines for the cryptoasset market
CVM Guidance Opinion 40 consolidates understanding on regulation of cryptoasset securities.
New CVM resolutions and the governance of publicly-held companies
Standards require independent directors in publicly-held companies and determines other measures on voting rights, segregation of directors' functions and publication of financial statements.
CVM changes its understanding on conflicts of interests
Majority of the board concludes that the materialist theory should be adopted.