Depending on the assets that will make up Fiagro's portfolio, the fund manager may use the existing regulations applicable to credit rights investment funds, real estate investment funds or equity investment funds.
After overturning the vetoes by the National Congress, Fiagro regains fiscal attractiveness for investors. As a result, agribusiness now has an important private financing instrument to boost its growth at a time of severe fiscal constraints.
SEC issues alert with concerns regarding deficiencies, transparency failures, and weaknesses in the internal controls of investment managers and advisers for ESG products. Brazilians can take advantage of recommendations to mature their practices.
Check out the main characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of this new investment fund approved by Law No. 14,130, still under evaluation by the National Congress after partial vetoes of the Brazilian president.
In 2020, there are already 23 initial public offerings registered with CVM and 39 applications under review, but the scenario requires extra care regarding the pricing and timing of transactions.
Brazil offers tax benefits to attract more investment in infrastructure projects with positive social and environmental impact.
The approach of the new rule proposed is similar to that of CVM Instruction No. 622, which regulated digital meetings for publicly-traded companies in Brazil. The measure is part of a package of rules issued to tackle the challenges presented by the covid-19 pandemic.
Given the difficulties caused by the covid-19 pandemic, the market authority has extended to other issuers the new deadlines granted to publicly-held companies for releasing annual financial statements and quarterly reports.
The possibility of remote participation must be included in the notice calling the meeting, which must also detail the procedures for registration for, access to, and use of the system.
With an exceptional measure, the government recognizes practical obstacles publicly-held companies face in fulfilling their regulatory obligations.
Compliance with the requirements must be subject to intense oversight by the stock exchange. Even with a reasonable deadline, companies must pay attention to the issue now.
We explain the measures announced by the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission to encourage companies to maintain public offers of securities in view of the uncertainty caused by the coronavirus pandemic.