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Rebidding of Viracopos Airport: first case based on Law No. 13,488/17
After a severe financial crisis, the shareholders of the concessionaire Aeroportos Brasil Viracopos S.A. (ABV) decided to request the rebidding of the concession contract for the Viracopos Airport based on Law No. 13,488/2017. This will be the first case of this type and opens up a pathway for others that may come to light because of Brazil’s difficult political and economic situation.
Main rules for the bid notice for the reserve power contract cancellation auction
The Brazilian Electric Energy Agency – ANEEL is holding a reserve energy contract cancellation auction, or reverse auction, on August 28, 2017, at 10:00 am, in accordance with the rules of the competitive mechanism announcement published at the end of July. Participation in the auction is a good alternative for eligible generation projects that fail to ensure their deployment viability.
BNDES has new risk allocation policy for the sharing of guarantees
The National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES) settled an agreement at the end of June to share guarantees with public and private banks that act as guarantors in infrastructure projects.
 Brazilian electric sector
The attention of participants in the electric sector will be directed, until August 4, to discussions of Public Consultation No. 33/2017.
The impact of the water crisis on tariff review
Just over two years after the water crisis in Southeast Brazil, its effects still have repercussions on the concession instruments or programs in effect within the public sanitation services.
Auction for reserve power contract divestment, one more step towards realism
"The Brazilian electrical power sector was designed with a model for a developing country. The rules of the sector did not have an answer for the economic crisis" Paulo Pedrosa, executive secretary of the Ministry of Mines and Energy The federal...
Law No. 13,448/2017: procedure of re-bidding for public service concessions
Law No. 13,448 (conversion of Provisional Presidential Decree No. 752 or "Concessions MP") governs re-bidding projects operated through concession in the toll road, railroads and airport sectors.
Conversion of MP 752 confirms possibility of early extension of railroads and toll road concessions
The law applies only to the toll-road, airport, and railway sectors, and extension is geared towards toll roads and railroads. The exclusion of other industries was not accidental. The government has chosen to have a separate approach for sectors with different realities and levels of maturity.
Benefits of Law No. 13,448/2017 for the infrastructure sector
Six months after its publication, Provisional Presidential Decree - MP 752/2016 was officially converted into Law No. 13,448/2017, thereby incorporating the amendments approved by the National Congress, with some presidential vetoes.
The importance of green bonds for financing sustainable projects
The international green bonds market has been developing rapidly since the first issuances by the European Development Bank and the World Bank in 2007 and 2008, respectively. With these "green bonds", companies, investment banks, and governments raise funds to finance or refinance projects or assets with positive environmental or climatic impacts. The bonds issued may take the form of any debt securities, such as debentures, notes, and financial bills. The only difference relates to the allocation of funds.
Júlia Rodrigues Coimbra, Larissa Gebrim and Tamiris Guimaraes   In early 2017, BNDES announced new operational policies that will govern financing granted by the bank. This announcement followed a review process looking at BNDES’s manner of...
Machado Meyer has just instituted a new flexibility policy for parents of newborns or babies in their first year of life. The pioneering initiative is part of the efforts of the Women in Machado Meyer Program created five years ago. With the...