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Revive Program and Law 14,011/20 expand prospect of economic use of real estate of the Federal Government
A BNDES program to restore the Brazilian historical heritage with the support of the private sector and a law that aims to boost the sale of the Federal Government's real estate promise to improve the management of more than 750 thousand federal government properties.
Airport concessions: expectations amid pandemic
Although the pandemic fosters pessimism, the future of airport concessions promises to be bustling in Brazil, with a tender scheduled for July in São Paulo, federal relicitations in sight and a new round of federal concessions involving two of the country’s major airports: Santos Dumont and Congonhas.
New rules applicable to mine closure plan - PFM
ANM Resolution No. 68/2021 establishes standards for proper planning of the closure of mining structures.
Decree No. 10,672 debureaucratizes port sector and provides exemption from bidding
Check out what changes with the new decree, which allows the exemption from bidding for port lease, in addition to establishing procedures and conditions for the temporary use of areas and facilities of the organized port.
What has changed in the New Bidding Act?
Law 14.133/21 seeks to simplify and rationalize the legislation of public procurement by consolidating provisions thus far disciplined in Law 8,666/93 and other disparate laws.
Supreme Court decides that Petrobras is not subject to the provisions of the Bidding Law
For the reporting judge, the regime provided for in the law is incompatible with the performance of mixed-capital companies, which need to compete on an equal footing with private organizations, demonstrating the same agility in decision making.
ESG and project financing
The incorporation of environmental, social, and governance aspects in a project's financing structure can leverage investors' interest in assets with ESG characteristics and a differentiated financial return.
Will infrastructure projects be impacted by the new Judicial Recovery Act?
The market shows concern with the requirements for applying the substantive consolidation concept since the project finance structures may have similarities with the conditions specified in the new law.
Aircraft shared ownership: the regulation that came to boost business aviation
Anxiously awaited in the sector, rules shall help reduce costs and strengthen a niche market with high development potential.
New initiatives seek to leverage the country's mineral sector
Check out the main actions of the National Mining Agency to increase legal certainty in the segment and attract investments.
State of São Paulo regulates the swap of gas and biomethane between local distribution companies
Market participants had already spoken out against aspects of the public consultation that led to Resolution No. 1,105/20, such as the overlap between state and federal regulation.
Positive scenario for debentures
Even with the pandemic, infrastructure debentures and green bonds have performed well in 2020 and raise high expectations for 2021.