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TRF1 maintains ban on the use of flavor and aroma additives in tobacco derivatives
The decision is binding and strengthens Anvisa's independence in its technical resolutions.
Ministry of Infrastructure discusses the creation of the BR dos Rios, a program for inland navigation
Brazilian shipping companies, trade unions, and other stakeholders are discussing the program, which may have priority guidelines formulated as part of the Investment Partnerships Program (PPI).
MP 998/20: general issues and main impacts on the electricity sector
The executive order brings in improvements that will modernize the electricity sector and strengthen the free market for energy marketing and sale {commercialization}.
New paradigms for corporate liability ESG and socially responsible investment post-covid-19
The COVID-19 pandemic has made companies accelerate the implementation of sustainable practices. Organizations that conduct their business based on values and purpose, respecting their workforce and the environment, will take the lead in resuming economic activities.
Ministry of Communications regulates processes for classification of incentivized debenture issuances by companies in the sector
The measure is expected to attract at least R$1 billion for expanding the telecommunications infrastructure through debentures over the next two years.
Covid-19: Anvisa to strengthen health security procedures at airports
Covid-19 measures to be followed by travelers, airlines, airport terminals, service providers, and companies operating in airports will be open for discussion until September 9.
 Aneel approves the bid notice for 2020 transmission auction
In total, 11 lots will be traded in nine Brazilian states, with investments of R$7.4 billion forecasted. See the rules.
PLV 30/2020 and the port sector reform
Bill for conversion into law has brought about significant changes and improvements for the legal framework of the port sector, with the potential to resolve old impasses and dynamize the operation of public ports in Brazil.
Concession of basic sanitation services in the state of Rio de Janeiro
See the details of the sanitation concession model structured by the development bank BNDES for the municipalities of Rio de Janeiro. The project is submitted to public consultation until July 8.
Covid-19: Aneel denies relaxation of the rules for invoicing contracted demand by high voltage consumers
The Brazilian Electricity Regulatory Agency has suggested that companies affected by the declining economic activity during the pandemic should negotiate with distributors under an existing rule.
Anac's action to combat the covid-19 pandemic: new rules for the air sector
Two new Anac resolutions issued to facilitate the operation of the aviation sector can give decisive financial relief to Brazilian airlines. Click here to learn about the new rules.
New health protocols for the airport sector in the fight against covid-19
Learn about the new health measures released to prevent transmission of the coronavirus inside airplanes and airports.