The new standard represents an essential step towards resuming economic activity by fostering entrepreneurship and the values introduced by the Economic Freedom Law in 2019.
The decision that deemed illegal the public disclosure of conversations held on the social media means an advance in protecting constitutional guarantees to the privacy and intimacy of the senders of electronic messages.
Defendants must freely exercise their constitutional rights and avail themselves of the due process of law, according to the fundamental norms of civil procedure.
Identifying these consumers in an appropriate and timely manner is essential, because the application of consumer legislation brings relevant consequences of both a material and procedural nature.
Resolution 394/21 establishes rules for cooperation and direct communication with foreign insolvency courts.
Despite the decisions by courts on the subject, such as that of the STJ, there is still no settled case law on the guidelines of NJPs.
Court found that article 22, paragraph 2, of the law restricts the general power of discretion of the magistrate and the constitutional principle of the irremovable jurisdiction.
With the new understanding, it will be enough to prove the agent's guilt to obtain the refund in double undue charges made in consumer relations.
CVM proposes the creation of the duty to communicate corporate claims, such as judicial or arbitration proceedings in which the issuer, its controlling shareholders or its directors appear as parties.
One of the highlights of the new law is the possibility of using the appropriate means for the prevention and resolution of disputes related to property rights arising from the bidding agreements.
Although there is still no consensus, the Judiciary is consolidating the understanding that, in certain situations, the pandemic justifies state intervention to ensure financial balance in commercial leases.
New bidding law introduces competitive dialogue as a bidding modality, but the analysis of some issues shows that improvements still fit