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The TCU and the freeze of assets orders in the administrative jurisdiction
Accounting Court’s freeze orders need to be duly grounded not only on legal grounds, but also on real risk to the useful outcome of the lawsuit.
Is the extension of promotions valid for all customers?
Controversy persists after Supreme Court established that mandatory extension is unconstitutional in judgment of ADIs.
The controversy of the companion as a necessary heir
Despite being declared equal by the Supreme Court the succession regimes of partners and spouses, the theme still generates controversies
Advantages of consensual methods in conflict prevention and resolution
Alternative is increasingly adopted and contributes to unburden the judiciary and achieve faster and more effective solutions.
The uncertainty about the (non-) solidarity of the submasses
Resumption of the trial of REsp 1.964.067/ES promises to put an end to legal uncertainty about the existence of solidarity between different groups of participants of the same pension plan.
Digitization of judicial proceedings gains another chapter
The Judicial Branch Services Portal and Electronic Judicial Domicile, instituted by CNJ Resolution 455/22, will be implemented on September 30th.
Who is responsible for the fees for loss in suits for non-economic damages?
REsp 1.837.386/SP: the (non)existence of conflict between STJ Precedent 326 and the CPC.
Does the assignment of a priority registered warrants (precatórios) change their nature?
The STF's decision on the matter brought legal security for investors interested in acquiring these securities and for their original holders.
The impact of intertemporal law on piercing of the corporate veil
STJ reaffirms that the new procedural law will not retroact to completed acts that occurred under the old law.
Association is ordered to pay fees for baseless public civil action
The São Paulo Court of Appeals recognized that the entity used bad faith when claiming compensation in the millions from a bank.
The right to be forgotten and the Streisand effect
Attempt to censor information may give it more repercussion.
Consumer arbitration in Portugal
Brief analysis of the regulations and general characteristics.