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Changes brought by eSocial version S-1.1
New layout of the system brings obligation to inform labor lawsuits.
Will wearing a mask at work be mandatory again?
With the increase in cases of covid-19 and the resumption of restrictions in some public organizacion, companies should plan for the use of mandatory facial protection in their facilities.
Mass layoffs: how the dialogue with labor unions may occur?
Decision of the Brazilian Supreme Court indicates that companies operating in Brazil should allow prior union intervention.
Use of masks in public transport in SP
New decree resumes mandatory facial protection from November 26.
New TST recommendation for judicial reorganization
Judges must observe the rules set out in the judicial reorganization even after its closure.
The legality of trainee programs for black people and minorities
judiciary has positioned itself by the constitutionality of such actions and maintained that they are not discriminatory..
World Cup: what's the workday like during games?
If the company chooses to release its employees, it would be possible to use day-long compensation or the bank of hours.
Freedom of vote in the workplace
MPT issues Recommendation 01/2022 to guide companies and punish those who try to influence the choice of employees.
Law 14,442/22: impacts on food allowances
Companies must reevaluate their programs in relation to labor/employment, tax, and regulatory issues, to adapt them to the new rules.
Work-from-anywhere in Brazil: labor and employment risks
The work-from-anywhere model has allowed a major change in Brazil, as the number of foreign companies, without local subsidiaries/entities in Brazil, engaging Brazilians citizens to work remotely from Brazil has substantially increased over the last three years. But what are the labor and employment risks/issues foreign companies should consider?
What is new with the Emprega + Mulheres Program in Brazil
Companies must reevaluate practices and policies to adapt them to the new obligations and study opportunities to create benefits.
Remote work changes impact on internal policies
Law 14,442/22 regulates teleworking and changes the rules on meal allowances